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   About Us



A Not for Profit Social Service Effort Powered By : JENSON INFOTECH, Ahmedabad.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, our business activities and how this novice and innovative idea of starting a web-site for our Gujarati Christian community occurred to us.




We are running a company named JENSON COMPUTERS since 16 years, which also happens to be the pioneer in using computer technology for printing of books and magazines in Gujarat. We have printed five different Gujarati Bibles, two Bhajansangrahs and hundreds of Christian and non-Christian books & magazines in Gujarati language. We also work for various Government agencies and corporate companies.


I am a qualified IT and Management professional, engaged in IT industry for more then 15 years. For the entire Internet and software related services, we also run a sister concern named JENSON INFOTECH. Both "Jenson Computers" and "Jenson InfoTech" are managed by us, Joseph and Neeta Benjamin, a husband-wife team, with the help of their efficient staff-members.


The Website:  www.gujaratichristians.com


INTERNET IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR. "Jenson" being a Christian setup, Christian community and organizations was repeatedly demanding and expecting from us, some sort of effort, as a part of our on-going business activities, through which the latest INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, helps to "BRING THE ENTIRE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CLOSER". Our moral responsibility towards the community also pressed us to contribute our professional skills and take up the challenge for the benefit of the community. We felt: Why should our community be LEFT BEHIND? Why at all should GUJARATI CHRISTIANS AND THEIR WELL WISHERS who are scattered all over the world should be deprived of a common internet platform which provides the latest news, information and spiritual food as well? The Challenge was tough because it involves enormous technological and manpower skills as well as money for huge initial expenses.


I believe that every individual has a desire to give something out of his/her talent and professional skills, to the society to which he/she belongs. In my case, the earthquake of Gujarat in 2001, prompted me to contribute something out of my talent for my very own Gujarati Christian community. At the time of the devastating quake, people all over the world were frantically searching on Internet, for the news and were trying to know whether the Christians living in Gujarat are safe or not. Their searches were fetching no results, as there was not a single page on the Internet carrying even a mention of Christians of Gujarat. This was a very embarrassing situation. I being a computer professional, many of my clients, friends and relatives staying abroad challenged me asking, if I can do something to avoid this situation in future? Therefore, on 1st September 2001, I launched a website named www.gujaratichristians.com on a non-profit basis, on my own expenses, to provide a common Internet platform for all Gujarati Christians of the world. No membership fees, whatsoever, is charged from the visitors. Within the first month itself, the impact and reach of the website was felt due to the 9/11 tragedy. We were busy receiving and sending e-mails and messages back and forth to India and USA for our people living in both countries.


www.gujaratichristians.com is an unique website which proves a long sought, "single internet address" for all Gujarati Christians dwelling in India as well as other parts of the world. The site provides latest (updated on daily basis) Church and Community news, personal achievements, devotions, death notifications, Spiritual activities in forms of quiz etc. for individuals of all age groups. It has also proved as a complete family guide for the seniors, women, kids, students etc. of our families.

It also provides Christian environment and teaching with original Gujarati flavor to our techno-savvy young people, who are not novice to internet. The primary membership of the website is FREE and open to all.
Every user can send their views and literary contribution in the “Blogs”, which will be reviewed by editorial team and published on the website. There are free classifieds for our day to day requirements of buying-selling, jobs, etc. We have also provided a clean “Chat” for the users of all age groups.

We intend to meet the expenses by providing paid with best compliments webpage advertisements from the leading families of our society, organisations, businesses and Churches. We have promoted this web-site as a NOT FOR PROFIT cumulative community effort. If you want to help us by way of placing your webpage, please contact us and be a part of this unique effort.


Please ask Lord’s continued blessings and guidance over this huge effort. We hope that this web-site will inspire and appeal to all Christians to take advantage and contribute their skills to this new platform of brotherhood, interaction, activity, and knowledge.


We urge the whole community to take the benefits, most of them are FREE, and give this effort a grand and fruitful success.


Thanks very much for your co-operation and support. Please uphold us in your prayers.

Yours faithfully,
Mrs. Neeta and Joseph Benjamin.
E-mail: contact@gujaratichristians.com

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