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Please Pray for the following prayer requests received: Kindly send your e-mail ID's to send the incoming prayer-requests to you by e-mail also, so that the world-wide prayers starts as soon as the requests is received. Thanks.

Post Prayer Request Here...
» Pray for construction of Bhiloda CNI Church. We are waiting for Church building since last 12 years but due to some reason we have failed to build up the Church building. So please kindly pray so that the Church building construction work starts soon.
  Posted By: orlins balat
» Praise: Pastor Immanuel & Mrs. Delina Desai are invited by Ms. Anjana, TV host of CBN- India. In November Anjana will be interviewing on her show and it will be televise in India, Pakistan and in Middle East contries. CBN will also record our Delhi crusade on November 25-27. Pray for our souls winning efforts.
» Please pray for Gujarati Church of Canada and new non christian contacts to do follow up .Those family's who accepted christ may attend church service and bible study group regularly. Pl Pray for Rev Mahendra Christi and family . Secretary: Kenneth Christian
  Posted By: Rev mahendra Christi christi
» For the VBS.
  Posted By: daniel christian
» Required prayer suport for church building at morbi ( rajkot). we are few christian family in this location.pls pray and support stanley parmar 09825300858
  Posted By: Stanley Parmar
» CRUSADES IN GUJARAT: In November - 2010 we are holding two large crusade in Gujarat. (1) in Ahmedabad and (2) In Vyara. Also we are invited to minister at Navapur crusade, and in Pastors conference by Shalom Ministries. Therefore, please pray for souls and to meet needed finance. Thank you in advance, Pastor Immanuel & Delina Desai (USA)
» Mafiben Macwan (age 78) is operated for kidney stone she is not well please pray for her.
  Posted By: GujaratiChristians.com Editorial Team
» Please keep praying for Dinkar George Das..for complete recovery and Salvation..
  Posted By: Elizabeth Das
» Please pray for our group 's(Legends Group) big event . We have organised singing competition in august. so pls. pray for this event.
  Posted By: sanjay macwan
» Keep us in your prayers. Because I and Delina my wife are serving our master in USA. God has gifted us for Healing & deliverance ministery to reach out all nations. In November 2009 thousabdsof people were healed and delivered in Vyara District. We have Video DVD available. Thank you in advance Immanuel & Delina
  Posted By: orlins balat
» Pray for tumour on spinal chord..... Praise the lord, i m Manish from M.P. My prayer request is for my friend Ghanshyam.He has tumor on his spinalcord and he has a small family depended on his. He belong to hindu family but i have faith in my Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for him i am praying for him too. Thanks manish
  Posted By: Manish Elial
» Sunil Samuel Christian, 35, residing at Bethlehem Society, Hatkeshwar, Ahmedabad has met with serious road accident. Pray for speedy recovery.
  Posted By: GujaratiChristians.com Editorial Team
» I am working in a Gujarati company in Hong Kong now. Except me, all company members are Indian and believe in Hindi. Please pray that I have the wisdom and ability to witness the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ in their midst. Pray for me so that I may be like Daniel to uplift God in the midst of idol worshippers. I also welcome for any suggestion to evangelize them. May God be the glory, amen!
  Posted By: Simon Chang
» * Please Pray for 2nd August " Friendship day celebration, we are expecting 3000 students to participate *As centenary methodist church and Campus crusade for Christ organizing this program.
  Posted By: Hanokh Patelia
» I am working in ongc and have been transfered recently to ankleshwar from assam and have been assigned a new job which i have not done during my carrier of 26 years of my service. Kindly pray for me so that i can get adjusted and can work hard in my new assignment. -victor tailor
» Hello to anyone who reads this, my name is Amit Patel. I am a 25 year old indian christian.(gujurati) I have been christian for 5 years now. i have christian friends but they are all american. I am the only christian in my whole family. some family members despise me for it. I feel lonely sometimes cause i wish i had a indian christian friend that had the same last name as me "Patel" . I feel like I am one of a kind. I feel like every patel i run into is hindu. I pray god brings a indian christian friend into my life especially that has the last name Patel. if anyone has suggestion to find them feel free to email me back
  Posted By: Amit Patel
» My father Mr. Sushil C. Master, he passed away today (Monday, March 16, 2009). He is in peace and he is with GOD, where there is not suffering, no pain, no complains of anything. Please pray for my father’s soul and also my mother Mrs. Surekha S. Master, my sisters and brother and my families, especially at this time we are suffering great lose of our father. It is hard for us to leave him and feel his absence in the home and around us. And also, I want to thank from bottom of my heart to everyone those who has supported through their thoughts & prayers and visited my father and my mother, sisters and brother's family at the time of his illness. Thank you all, Amita Christian.
  Posted By: Amita Christian
» Please pray for my father Mr. Sushil Master. He is in very serious condition and his body is getting cold, and doctor has given up too. please for him and my mother and my brother sister who are taking care of him and also for those who is praying for them too. Bless all them and give relief from pain to the pain. Thank you, Amita Christian.
  Posted By: Amita Christian
Vishal is suffering from Brain Haemorage, Paralysis and is in Coma. He is 43 and is residing in Maninagar, Ahmedabad.
  Posted By: Joseph Benjamin
Please Pray for my father Mr. Sushil C. Master. He is suffering from last stage cancer and also he is suffering from Paralysis from almost 3 years. He is in his bed can't talk, walk or eat by himself, my mother and my elder brother- sister are taking care of him. I want you to pray for him, whatever is GOD's plan for him and do not make him suffer anymore. it is very difficult to see him suffer. Please Pray for him and my family too. Thank you, Amita Christian.(USA)
  Posted By: Amita Christian
» pray for my carrier and my job
  Posted By: Kalpesh  Parmar
» Hall for Prayer Service: My. name is Vinod B. Solanki, Mumbai Pray for our Financial needs we are trying to own Hall for Prayer Service we are conducting Fasting & Prayer Service in Prathana Ki Shakti IIT Powai Mumbai 400076 India Please Pray for your daily prayer Service Thanks
  Posted By: Vinod Solanki


Today 'Makarsakranti' OR 'Uttarayan' is being celebrated all over India. People fly kites with the help of cord coated with glass particles, so that there can be fight (patch) in the sky between two or more kites. The better cord cuts the another one and the kite cuts off from that cord and can go anywhere and in anyone's hand.

We grab this opportunity to spread GOSPEL!! A prayer group in Gujarat got an idea to print kites with Gospel on it. Now today more than 20,000 GOSPEL KITES will be flown all over the main cities and villages of Gujarat state.

Please pray that God may use this kites to bring many people in HIS kingdom. We don't know, but these kites can be caught and be read by anyone in Gujarat. Pray that God move their hearts to repentance. In history we have people who had been added to the kingdom of God with such simple attempts. Our great God can use simple human ideas to do great things.

Please participate with us by praying for the kites and the people who are going to receive these kites.

  Posted By: joseph benjamin
» Kartik Modi, Valsad a cancer patient is critical. Please pray.
  Posted By: GujaratiChristians.com Editorial Team

"My niece JEMI is in very very critical stage. her blood counts are nearing zero, she has heavy cold, cough and fever that is not leaving her for many days. so doctors are giving very heavy doses of antibiotics that can damage her liver or cause other side effects,. doctors have again given up hope. so you know what to do - Storm Heaven and Forward others to do the same, thanking you for your huge and consistent support.

Fr. Sudhir Chettiar

Thanks a lot in His Name

Praise the Lord.

  Posted By: Kanubhai Parmar
» today is 26th july 2008, i just watch news of ahmedabad bomb blast. pray for the people who are injured and who are now nomore due to the blast. What is going on this earth? No peace! Pray for peace in INDIA. Elizabeth
  Posted By: Elizabeth Pandav
» My younger sister mary is 24 years old girl and 8 years back she suddenly stopped walking. We did all treatment for her. All doctors said that there is no medical way just leave her in God's hand. Whoever reads this message, I reuest you to please pray for her that she will get well soon and start walking. From : Elizabeth
  Posted By: Elizabeth Pandav
» Thank you very much for prayers. God has answered our prayers. We are blessed with baby girl – Arpana on 5th of May. Please continue to pray for our ministry at UBS – Pune. (arpit2christ@gmail.com)
  Posted By: Arpit Desai
» Mr. Kantilal Christy, Gandhinagar has undergone a major surgery please pray for speedy recovery
  Posted By: GujaratiChristians.com Editorial Team
» Please pray for Kartik Indravadan Modi of Valsad. He is to undergo a major surgery - pray for all his financial needs for the operation.
  Posted By: GujaratiChristians.com Editorial Team
» Hi I am Sherebiah and I have just landed here in Edison, NJ on H1B. I am software engineer with 12 years of experience. I am originally from Maninagar, Ahmedabad. I covet your prayers that God may grant me work earliest. I am here since last one month and sometimes covered with depression taking job. I am not in financial need by any means. I am married with a Godly wife Yarusha and have 2 kids Daughter Krupa-7 & Son Anugrah 2.5. Love Sherebiah
  Posted By: Sherebiah Tishbi
» મારા િદકરા Vincent માટે પ્રાર્થના કરશેા િલ..અિમત
  Posted By: Amit Rajul
» Please pray for my wife Maria (Sapna), who is pregnant (7th month) and had some complications, doctors have advised her for compete bed rest. And also pray for my ministry and M.L.I.Sc. studies.
  Posted By: Arpit Desai
» Pray for Bro. Surendra Parmar, will undergo gall bladdder stone surgery at Narayana Hrudayalaya on Momday 11 Feb in Bangalore. There is 5-10% risk involved in this surgery because of his heart surgery in 06.
  Posted By: joseph benjamin
» Please pray for my mother Mrs.Prafulla.christian she has a high BP problem and a headache.Please pray that she can feel the touch of heavenly father.
  Posted By: Stanley Christian
» My son is appearing in State Level Championship of UCMAS on 19th Jan 08. You all are requested to pray for his good result.
  Posted By: Arpita Chauhan
» Pray for the peaceful celeberations of the New Year in Gujarat and for the youth of our society. Pray that the good Lord grant them wisdom to stay sober and keep themselves away from evil.
  Posted By: GujaratiChristians.com Editorial Team
» NILESH R. RATHOD, Ahmedabad has undergone engioplasty and is suffering with lung disorders. Please pray for his speedy recovery.
  Posted By: jenson benjamin
» Pray for our chruch because mahudha chruch has arranged Kathlal district general "Bhakti Sabha" on 23th Dec.2007. so pray for arrangement, speaker, finance, skit, choir.
  Posted By: Samuel  Parmar
» Sir, I am working in ongc at assam, and right now the situation in assam is too tense due to miscerent activities of terriorists and adivasis(labours working in tea-gardens).Pray for me and my fellow working officers, so that we can perform our duty safely and for our safety and blessings from Almighty Lord so that peace can prevail in whole north east region of Assam
» pray for my preparation becuse my exams will starts from 10th december
  Posted By: Krunal Chaudhari
» Pray for my village Mahudha's MYF Gruop. It is be more regular and spiritual. Pls pray for our quayar. Pls pray for mahudha's young man so they leave Gutaka.
  Posted By: Samuel  Parmar
» Mahudha's child injured in accident and is in coma. Pls pray for his health.
  Posted By: Samuel  Parmar
» Please pray for my study and work i m in australia (geelong) and also pray for my health
  Posted By: Arpit Mecwan
» Please pray for Gavin Wilson Christian residing in Maninagar, Ahmedabad. Gavin is undergoing a major spinal chord surgery. Please pray ardently for this 11th class student. Ask for his successful surgery and speedy recovery thereafter. Please also pray for his parents and dearones.
  Posted By: Joseph Benjamin
» Please pray for my grand mother
  Posted By: nelson christian
» Please pray for the studies and exams of the students of the Union Biblical Seminary, Pune. Exams will start form 8th October, 2007.
  Posted By: Arpit Desai
» Please pray for Mr. David Master (Our Grandfather) who has been addmitted to Palisades medical Center in North Bergen, NJ. Please keep Dada in your daily and personal prayers. Please also pray for family members as well. Thank you for praying.
  Posted By: Rinku  Master
» My grandfather name Mr. Kalidas Rathod(USA) who is recently diagnosed with stomoch cancer stage 4, please pray to our mighty god for his illness. thank you
  Posted By: richard rathod
» Please Pray for our children all over the state, appearing in the Prilim and other internal exams, started from 3rd Jan,2007. As our children and we parents were busy in celebrating Christmas season we need to pray for our children's examinations.
  Posted By: Nimrod Christy
» Please pray for me that God gives me a good job. I am very needy. God bless all who prays for me. Thank you.
  Posted By: jewaleena chacko
» Please Pray for my sister's marriage.
  Posted By: jewaleena chacko
» Pray for Mr. Emmanuel Mecwan, he is suffering with back pain. Pray that our Living God heal soon.
  Posted By: Sunil  Mecwan
» Please pray for Mr. Job Tailor 's family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. It is with great sorrow to inform you that our dear sister Rina (26 , Job Uncle's Daughter) went to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on October 17, 2006 at 1:20 AM.) At this time, please continue to pray for Rina's family and friends that God will provide them with strength to endure these difficult moments in their lives. Funeral will be on Friday 20 Th, 2006 in Philadelphia. Please visit Gujarati Christian Fellowship of Philadelphia's website at http://www.gcfponline.org/ Thank you for all your prayers and support.
  Posted By: Rinku  Master
» Please Pray for my dear ones who are not feeling well .
  Posted By: Vincent Pravasi
» Please pray for the safety and security of India and its people against the latest terrorist threats.
  Posted By: Simon Parmar
» Please Pray for my upcoming exams
  Posted By: Jayesh Christian

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