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The non‐denominational “Gujarati Christians” magazine was launched in December 2006. It was started because a dire need was felt for a tool which could provide spiritual food and practical guidance to the Christians of Gujarat, India.

It explains the current issues and advises the Christian organizations to work fearlessly within the adverse circumstances. This monthly magazine gained an instant popularity and wide acceptance from the people of the Church of Gujarat.

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The magazine presents appealing, issue oriented and educative content which promotes Christ as the ultimate reformer and personal Savior. ‘Gujarati Christians’ has completed very successful thirteen years in 2019. 'Gujarati Christians' is already running successfully and there is not a better tool than this that can be used in the large scale evangelization in Gujarat.

This magazine is fully committed to the causes of Christ, Church and the Community. It continuously educates the Christians of Gujarat. Each issue of the magazine presents new strategies for evangelism. It is thus a magazine that is set apart with a firm concept based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and with united church members as its subscribers and readers.

No other alternative is available at this time to the people who are working to expand the Church of Gujarat State, India through House fellowships and personal evangelism. It strives to work towards the resolution of social issues, whole hearted worship, true fellowship, discipleship, fruitful ministry, church planting and effective evangelism. It focuses on how individuals can be a part of the solutions for a whole and thriving community and how they can be true disciples.

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